Qing Yang’s Poetic Digital Odyssey 

Text Derya Ocean

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary digital art, Qing Yang emerges as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly melding the realms of art and multimedia visuals. Born in 1998, Yang is a rising force in the art scene, armed with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Arts University Bournemouth and a Master’s in Space & Participation Design with Distinction from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her journey has taken her to the forefront of digital creativity, where she continuously pushes the boundaries of form and narrative.

Yang’s current body of work serves as a testament to her artistic prowess and her keen observation of the everyday. Through a meticulous fusion of digital tools, including Adobe After Effects, and frame-by-frame hand-drawn animations, she breathes life into ordinary objects, transcending their conventional forms. This metamorphosis of mundane elements into abstract and surreal landscapes is a celebration of inherent beauty and intricate nature.

Qing Yang “Steal an Orange” 

One of Yang’s notable works, “Steal an Orange,” encapsulates her philosophy. Through digital art and video, she invites viewers to embark on a journey of exploration, urging them to perceive the shapes of everyday objects in a new light. In her own words, “Even the simplest object, like an orange on your daily shopping route, can spark this creative journey.” This piece is a vibrant testament to the transformative power of art, encouraging a departure from conventional thinking and an embrace of the poetic potential found in the ordinary. 

Qing Yang, “Trigger”


In “Trigger,” another compelling work, Yang dives into the profound impact of individual incidents on the collective consciousness. Depicting the depression of a minuscule trigger as the gateway to myriad worlds, Yang draws a parallel to the complex layers of public opinion in today’s society. Each incident, like the depression of the trigger, sets off a cascade of reactions, with various groups contributing their own shades to the evolving narrative. The echoes and waves created by these incidents, much like the ripples in Yang’s digital realms, never fade.

What sets Qing Yang apart is her belief in the transcendent power of digital art. In her perspective, this medium possesses the remarkable ability to transcend temporal and spatial constraints, birthing new realms and experiences for the beholder. It serves as a wellspring of inspiration, a catalyst for introspection and emotion, and a bridge connecting the realms of technology and the natural world.